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    Redefining Hope for 32 Years

    Hospice Inpatient Center

    Creating Hope: A Center of Compassion

    Hospice Inpatient CenterThe mission of Creating Hope: A Center of Compassion, Every Moment Matters is to provide the financial resources that ensure palliative and compassionate care to patients of all ages with a chronic or life-limiting illness, so as to enhance natural death with dignity by enhancing current services with:

    • A state of the art inpatient hospice facility in Victoria, Texas
    • An integral bereavement center
    • Adjoining memorial gardens
    • An endowment fund

    Creating Hope: A Center of Compassion, every moment matters, adopts the following key features and objectives for our Hospice Inpatient Center:

    Build a twelve (12) private room facility, designed to be expandable to thirty-six (36) private rooms

    Each patient will have a private room, with day beds for family members.

    A facility such as this does not currently exist in our South Texas region.

    A complete benchmark study has demonstrated a need for a 20,000 sq. ft. facility where each room has:

    • A patient bed
    • A trundle bed
    • A restroom
    • A sitting area
    • A floor to ceiling window for viewing the adjacent memorial garden
    • A central location - located on Mallette Street, our proposed site is easily accessible by physicians, other health care professionals, volunteers, families and staff. Hospice of South Texas already owns the land for the facility.
    • An aesthetically pleasant decor - utilizing warm colors, soft lines, and lovely furnishings, we will have both a comfortable feeling and beautiful views of the memorial gardens.
    • Patient and family centered space - a family living room, family kitchen, and worship and prayer chapel.
    • An attractive, architect-designed facility - it will be a credit to our community - and a tribute to those we serve - we will provide care for over 600 patients per year.
    • General hospice inpatient center cost advantages over hospitalization - $600 per day vs. $4000 per day.

    Develop adjoining Memorial Garden(s)

    Memorial gardens provide a very special outdoor space for patients to walk, talk and pray with friends and family, as well as the ability to commune with nature while they are still able to do so as they near end of life. As they become less ambulatory, patients will be able to view the flora, fauna, fountains and bird baths and bird houses from their room through the floor to ceiling windows.

    Landscaping and grounds - Our Hospice inpatient center will include walking paths, memorial gardens, and other features directly outside the window of each inpatient room which will complement and complete the "home-like" environment we wish to create for those we serve.

    Build an adjoining Bereavement Center

    An adjoining bereavement center provides the patient, family and friends a place to pray, gather, talk and grieve together. This center facilitates uplifting experiences for patients, family, clergy and friends separately and collectively.

    Our bereavement center will include a Chapel plus homelike common areas for:

    • Family gathering
    • Counseling
    • Support groups
    • Education
    • Staff
    • Lending library

    Fund an Endowment

    Our monetary goal for this capital campaign includes both endowment and capital improvement monies.

    Hospice of South Texas will not turn someone away from our doors because they cannot afford to pay. To provide our services to everyone, there must be some source of additional income to assure that those without insurance and/or lacking resources will not be denied Hospice care. Your support for endowment will assure the provision of these services.

    For over 30 years, Hospice of South Texas has been the leader in hospice and palliative care for the living, the dying and the grieving. The loyal and dedicated support from the communities we serve will allow us to continue our commitment to compassionate care and excellence in service.

    If you would like to invest in Creating Hope: A Center of Compassion, every moment matters, or if you have questions please call Gayla Whitaker @ 361-572-4300, ext. 239. Gifts made are tax deductible as a charitable donation.

    Download our Pledge Form or use our online pledge form if you would like to invest.