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    Social Workers

    Hospice of South Texas social services are based on an initial visit to assess the psychosocial and social needs of the patient and family which is conducted by a licensed social worker. It is provided in accordance with the plan of care to assist the patient and family in dealing with the psychosocial aspect of a life-limiting illness.

    Licensed social workers are skilled in interviewing techniques and evaluation skills and have knowledge about available community resources. They offer individual and family counseling related to living with an end-stage illness.

    Common areas of concern may include:

    • Assistance with problem solving
    • Making end of life choices and decisions
    • Grieving losses and accepting change
    • Coping with family concerns
    • Dealing with stress
    • Managing caregiver issues
    • Saying goodbye
    • Dealing with conflicting situations
    • Getting 'affairs in order'
    • Talking with children about the situation

    Hospice of South Texas provides counseling services as needed and ordered by the plan of care to assist the patient and family with coping with terminal illness, death and bereavement.

    In addition, social workers are trained to work with special circumstances in families such as mental illness, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities.